Top 10 Key Trends for 2016/2017

Top 10 Key Trends for 2016/2017

Following up from this year’s London Bridal Expos, here at Truly Delightful Totnes, we thought we’d give you a round up of the hot new wedding dress trends predicted by the designers for 2016/2017.

1. Lace
2. Nudes
3. New Fabrics
4. Shape
5. Spotty Tulle
6. Off the Peg
7. Short
8. Vintage
9. Glitzy
10. Hair Vines

Lace is still a favourite for this season and will be for many more to come. The new interpretation however is layering and a softer, more youthful lace. Something which doesn’t make the bride look like Miss Haversham.

Benjamin Roberts 2650 £1,200

It was great to look around the show and see colour (albeit subdued) back once again. Lovely new colours including Champagne, blush, pale/dusky pink and mocha. These new shades are fabulous for those of us not necessarily blessed with great colouring or a Strictly Come Dancing tan.

Benjamin Roberts 2650 £1,345

We were surprised and a little intrigued to see the re-imagining of Mikado silk, a rather stiff and bold fabric which creates some great shapes and silhouettes. Another new favourite with the designers was the introduction of brocade. Although we do feel that this maybe a little tricky for some to pull off without making it look like a pair of old curtains.

Catherine Parry 1711 £1,245

The goods news for those of us not blessed with the perfect model figure is the re-emergence of different shapes once again. It is no longer all about the lean and slinky look or My Big Fat Greek Wedding style dresses. We saw ruffles, layering, bold shapes, boho, drop-waisted gowns and a more relaxed styling.

Benjamin Roberts 2758 £1,585

A new favourite is spotty tulle, fabulous for that Disney princess gown you always dreamed of when you were a little girl.  With its dream like quality, it is such an easy fabric to dance around in. Also, how cute would a mini flower girl look in a matching dress?

FairyDust Couture Snow White from £140

As we enter the age of the more switched on bride, low pricing and speedier delivery times are what’s important. With this in mind bridal shops are beginning to stock more “off the peg” designs, which can be boxed up and carried out the same day. The designers have finally cottoned on to this and are producing more lines to accommodate the different types of bride.

Kelsey Rose White Collection 80020 £540

There’s a watch word that goes with short and that is sassy. The recent trend for shortening the length of the bridal gown continues with both tea length and ballerina showing no signs of going anywhere. These types of dress are great, particularly for the second time bride, who doesn’t necessarily want another princess moment.

Rita Mae (part of Alan Hannah) 501 £895

Vintage styling has been with us for the past few seasons and can be anything from the Ritzy glamour of the 1920’s, the beautiful shorter length 50’s inspired dresses or the formal structure of the Edwardian period, with its demure lace edgings. The good news is – Vintage is the new black.

Lou Lou Bridal LB139 Hattie £1200

With the downturn in the world economic fortunes, bridal accessories became a bit dull and minimal of late. However as a positive result the wholesale costs of big, outlandish jewellery and finery has really dropped, meaning that more brides are looking to vamp up the overall look of the whole bridal party.

Scarlett Vintage Keira £52.00

Wedding Dress

There is nothing more popular at the moment than the hair vine. A magical hair accessory which can be worn in many different fashions; placed on top of the head like a crown, over a veil, with the hair weaved around it, across the forehead etc. The hair vines versatility (although admirable) is not its most endearing quality – that would be that it is light weight and therefore could be worn all day without pain, like most formal tiaras.

Scarlett Vintage Gold/Crystal Circlet from £52.00